International Workshops on Neonatology, Cagliari


Selected Abstracts of the 18th International Workshop on Neonatology and Pediatrics; Cagliari (Italy); October 19-22, 2022: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 17th International Workshop on Neonatology and Pediatrics, Virtual Edition; Cagliari (Italy); October 28-29, 2021: Summary - PDF 



Selected Abstracts of the 16th International Workshop on Neonatology, Virtual Edition (Cagliari, Italy; 29-30 October, 2020) & of the 16th International Congress on Neonatology and Pediatrics, On Demand (Cagliari, Italy; November 20-December 31, 2020): Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 15th International Workshop on Neonatology and the 40th Congress UMEMPS (Union of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean Pediatric Societies) • CHILDREN OF THE MIDDLE-EASTERN AND MEDITER­RANEAN AREA: WE CAN DO BETTER! • Cagliari (Italy) • October 24th-26th, 2019: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 14th International Workshop on Neonatology • THE REVOLUTION OF MICROBIOMICS • NUTRITION, BACTERIA AND PROBIOTICS IN PERINATAL AND PEDIATRIC HEALTH • Cagliari (Italy) • October 24th-27th, 2018: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 13th International Workshop on Neonatology • THE POWER OF EPIGENETICS  • TWINS: IDENTICAL BUT DIFFERENT • Cagliari (Italy) • October 25th-28th, 2017: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 12th International Workshop on Neonatology • 10 P PEDIATRICS: NOTES FOR THE FUTURE • Cagliari (Italy) • October 19th-22nd, 2016: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 11th International Workshop on Neonatology • FROM THE WOMB TO THE ADULT • Cagliari (Italy) • October 26th-31st 2015: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 10th International Workshop on Neonatology • THE LAST TEN YEARS, THE NEXT TEN YEARS IN NEONATOLOGY • Cagliari (Italy) • October 22nd-25th 2014: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 9th International Workshop on Neonatology • LEARNED LESSONS, CHANGING PRACTICE AND CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH • Cagliari (Italy) • October 23rd-26th 2013: Summary - PDF



Selected Abstracts of the 8th International Workshop on Neonatology • SYSTEMS MEDICINE IN PERINATOLOGY AND PEDIATRICS TAILORED BIOMARKERS, DRUGS AND TREATMENTS • Cagliari (Italy) • October 24th-27th 2012: Summary - PDF