Adrenal stem cell niches are located between adrenal and renal capsules


stem/progenitor cells
adrenal glands
adrenal gland stem cell niches
adrenal gland capsule
adrenal gland morphogenesis
adrenal gland development

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Obinu, E., Locci, G., Gerosa, C., Fanos, V., Vinci, L., Faa, G., Ambu, R., Loddo, C., Coni, E., Angiolucci, M., Fanni, C., & Fanni, D. (2016). Adrenal stem cell niches are located between adrenal and renal capsules. Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM), 5(2), e050214.


The human adrenal glands arise around the 4th week of gestation and during the intrauterine life produce many substances that are responsible for the maintenance of fetal homeostasis and organ maturation. Stem cell niches represent the microenvironment suitable for life and replication of adrenal stem cells.
Adrenal gland stem cells have the capacity to self-renew and generate functional differentiated daughter cells that replenish lost cells. Morphologically the adrenal stem cells appeared as small, polymorphic cells, closed together, with basophilic nucleus, located between adrenal and renal capsules. This study was mainly based on a morphological and immunohistochemical approach, particularly on characterization and localization of the multiple stem/progenitor cells that contribute to the development of the human adrenal gland.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Course on Perinatal Pathology (part of the 11th International Workshop on Neonatology · October 26th-31st, 2015) · Cagliari (Italy) · October 31st, 2015 · Stem cells: present and future
Guest Editors: Gavino Faa, Vassilios Fanos, Antonio Giordano