The “baby hatch” from history to the third millennium


baby hatch
baby box

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Paolillo, P., Di Palma, F., & Picone, S. (2020). The “baby hatch” from history to the third millennium. Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM), 9(1), e090124.


The baby hatch is a prefabricated structure, easily reachable, formed by two small rooms; it offers total anonymity to the women who leave their baby, and maximum security to the small child.
The mother who decides to leave a child enters a room without passing through control, must open a tilting window and lay him in a cradle located in an adjoining room, which is maintained at a constant temperature in all four seasons.
An alarm, activated by a volumetric and contact sensor, immediately draws the attention of the first aid triage operators. A camera frames only the bed where the child lies and does not take a picture of the face of the person who puts the child in it.