Commercial re-use

Whole article re-use or parts of them (in print or electronic copies) can be useful promotional tools at industry-specific exhibitions, workshops, conferences and meetings; they can also be used for commercial and marketing purposes by corporate sales representatives.

Commercial re-use includes all uses of JPNIM articles for commercial, promotional, marketing or monetary purposes.

Such re-use requires further explicit permission and will be subject to a fee.

Commercial re-use includes: all the proactive supplies of multiple print or electronic copies of articles or parts of them taken from JPNIM to third parties on a systematic basis; re-use by a non-author/third party/other publisher of articles or parts of them in another print or electronic publication; re-use by authors of their articles or parts of them, as not otherwise specified in the “Academic re-use” section.

Those wishing to re-use parts or all of an article or articles (in print or electronic copies) for commercial purposes are required to pay our commercial rates.

There can be special agreements according to which the publication of conference/workshop proceedings and dedicated special collections of articles is paid by Scientific Societies/Congress Organizers to JPNIM.

Income received helps us to keep our journal freely accessible to readers and not to charge authors any fee for article processing.

To request permission and obtain a quotation please contact; please state “Commercial re-use” in the subject line of your email.