"PEDIATRIC PSYCHOLOGY AND RELATED ISSUES" SECTION (SEZIONE "PSICOLOGIA PEDIATRICA E DINTORNI") by S.I.P.Ped. (Italian Society of Pediatric Psychology, Società Italiana di Psicologia Pediatrica)




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Information for Authors

Submissions to S.I.P.Ped. Section have to be done by email.

To publish in this Section, Authors must be S.I.P.Ped. members and have to ask for information and make arrangements directly with S.I.P.Ped. at the following email address: sipped@jpnim.com (email address directly managed by S.I.P.Ped.).


Section's Aims and Objectives

The Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM) features a section on Pediatric Psychology, as an expression of Developmental Psychology with a clinical-developmental perspective. It promotes a multi-professional approach to Pediatric Psychology integrated with Pediatrics and its specialties, and with Neuropsychiatry of childhood and adolescence. Specifically, this section aims to promote the publication of scientific contributions, including in the form of original articles, reports, and clinical case studies, which address the complexity of these topics under specific prenatal and neonatal conditions, in acute and pediatric emergency and chronic pathology.


History of the Italian Society of Pediatric Psychology (S.I.P.Ped.)

In the 1960s, US Pediatrics suggested the relevance of multiple non-organic variables in the approach to pediatric healthcare and the need for a more holistic approach. This resulted in a successful attempt to define an epistemological and applicative field beyond Clinical Developmental Psychology, giving rise to 'Pediatric Psychology', as 54th Division of the American Psychological Association. In Europe, the continuity with the American model was defined within the European Pediatric Psychology Network. In Italy, this continuity has been ensured by the work of specific research units of many Universities, which have also organized 2nd level Masters in Pediatric Psychology, and by the clinical group of the Pediatric Psychology unit of the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome (between 1970-2000). According to the same holistic model, the Italian Society of Pediatric Psychology (S.I.P.Ped.) was established, which aims to disseminate Pediatric Psychology and to train pediatric psychologists. S.I.P.Ped., as a Society enrolled in the special list of the Italian Ministry of Health for the health professions (DM 06/11/2018), is affiliated with the Italian Society of Pediatrics and is a member of the Italian Federation of Associations and Scientific Societies in the Pediatric Area.


Section's Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of this Section is composed by Prof. Concetta Polizzi (Section Editor, University of Palermo), Prof. Marco Carotenuto (Vanvitelli University of Naples), Prof. Erica Neri (Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna), Dr. Momcilo Jankovic (San Gerardo Monza Hospital), Prof. Daniela Smirni (University of Palermo), Prof. Giovanni Giulio Valtolina (Catholic University of Milan), Prof. Giovanna Perricone (University of Palermo). The board is supported by members of the 54th Division of the American Psychological Association ‘Pediatric Psychology’.