Selected Abstracts of the 11th International Workshop on Neonatology; Cagliari (Italy); October 26-31, 2015
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11th International Workshop on Neonatology

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Various Authors, .-.-.-. (2015). Selected Abstracts of the 11th International Workshop on Neonatology; Cagliari (Italy); October 26-31, 2015. Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM), 4(2), e040249.


Selected Abstracts of the 11th International Workshop on Neonatology • FROM THE WOMB TO THE ADULT • Cagliari (Italy) • October 26th-31st 2015

The Workshop has been organized with the patronage of the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN), the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP), the Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine (SIMP), The Italian Federation of Pediatricians (FIMP), the Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies (UENPS), the Union of Mediterranean Neonatal Societies (UMENS), the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), and lastly the Italian National Observatory of Residents in Paediatrics (ONSP).

ABS 1. Post-2015 Development Agenda: from the Millennium Development Goals to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development • G. Guerrera • Rome, (Italy)

ABS 2. Mild rectal bleeding in preterm infants: a significant problem in neonatology? • J.-C. Picaud, M.B. Said, A. Oulmaati, D. Maucort-Boulch, E. Jumas-Bilak • Lyon and Montpellier (France)

ABS 3. Syphilis in pregnant adolescents: the current situation in the state of Rio de Janeiro • M. Valverde Pagani, K. Silveira da Silva • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

ABS 4. Holder pasteurization does not affect S100B concentrations in human milk • C. Peila, A. Coscia, C. Rossi, E. Bertino, G. LiVolti, F. Galvano, F. Van Bel, G. Visser, D. Gazzolo • Alessandria, Catania and Turin (Italy), and Utrecht (the Netherlands)

ABS 5. Effects of Holder pasteurization on the protein profile of human milk • C. Peila, A. Coscia, E. Bertino, C. Rossi, I. Rovelli, M. Cavaletto, S. Sperino, S. Icardi, F. Van Bel, G. Visser, D. Gazzolo • Alessandria and Turin (Italy), and Utrecht (the Netherlands)

ABS 6. Ultrasound and fetal MRI correlation in fetal neuroradiology. Our results after ten years of experience • M.T. Peltz, R.M. Ibba, S. Secci, G. Bitti • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 7. 10 years experience of Newborn Hearing Screening Survey • L. Bubbico • Rome (Italy)

ABS 8. Newborn with multiple bone fractures • A.L. Costa, A.R. Moreira, P. Soares, A.Vilan, N. Alegrete, C. Martins, S. Gama Sousa, M. Rodrigues, H. Guimarães • Porto and Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal)

ABS 9. Birthweight and maternal lifestyle in overweight/obese women: a case-control study • R. Bruno, G. Pedrielli, P. Elisabetta, V. Bertarini, I. Neri, F. Facchinetti • Modena (Italy)

ABS 10. Special fixation for transmission electron microscopy unmasks unexpected structural details within the renal stem/progenitor cell niche • L. Denk, W.W. Minuth • Regensburg (Germany)

ABS 11. Drug use among newborns admitted to NICUs: a multicentre study • L. Cuzzolin, R. Agostino • Rome and Verona (Italy)

ABS 12. Assessment of renal function in neonatology • J.R. Delanghe • Gent (Belgium)

ABS 13. The parental competence in neonatology • C.M. Cacciatore, M.R. Morales, G. Perricone, C. Polizzi, G. Sulliotti, A. Rizzo, D. Albino • Palermo (Italy)

ABS 14. Epidemiological, clinical, and microbiological aspects in newborns with neonatal infection (sepsis and unspecified neonatal infection) treated at the Department of Neonatology of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences during 2007-2013 • R. Dzikienė, R. Tamelienė, D. Stonienė, R. Vidmantė, J. Garčinskienė • Kaunas (Lithuania)

ABS 15. Metabolomics in obstetrics: future perspectives • R. Mereu, A. Meloni, L. Barberini, S.F. Deiana, A. Noto, G.B. Melis • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 16. Single-blind randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate the nutritional adequacy of a novel human milk fortifier derived from donkey milk for the nutrition of newborns with birthweight < 1,500 g or gestational age < 32 weeks • C. Rossi, C. Peila, M. Raia, S. De Antoni, A. Noto, F. Cesare Marincola, S. Corbu, V. Fanos, E. Bertino, A. Coscia • Cagliari and Turin (Italy)

ABS 17. The stem cell niche in the developing cerebral cortex • L. Vinci, A.G. Naccarato, S. Nati, G. Senes, R. Murru, C. Gerosa, E. Obinu, V. Pibiri, M. Piras, A. Ravarino, R. Ambu • Cagliari and Pisa (Italy)

ABS 18. Pulmonary atresia: the importance of prenatal diagnosis • A.L. Costa, H. Soares, A.L. Neves, C. Moura, J.C. Areias, A.C. Fragoso, J. Estevão-Costa, H. Guimarães • Porto (Portugal)

ABS 19. The use of hypothermia in preterm asphyxiated neonate: new results from a metabolomics point of view • E. d’Aloja, A. Noto, E. Locci, C. Dalmazzo, G. Pomero, A. Dessì, V. Fanos, P. Gancia • Cagliari and Cuneo (Italy)

ABS 20. Alopecia areata in a child: case report, management and therapy • F. Farnetani, V.D. Mandel, G. Pellacani • Modena (Italy)

ABS 21. Physiological and therapeutic roles of mesenchymal stem cells. Is there a gap? • U. Galderisi, F. Pentimalli, A. Giordano • Philadelphia (PA, USA), Naples and Siena (Italy), Kayseri (Turkey)

ABS 22. Esophageal impedance baseline is correlated with exposure to reflux in newborns with GERD symptoms • F. Cresi, E. Locatelli, E. Maggiora, A. Pirra, C. Peila, E. Bertino • Turin (Italy)

ABS 23. Analytical pitfalls and future perspectives in the measurement of bone metabolism biomarkers • A. Fortunato • Vicenza (Italy)

ABS 24. Genetic analysis of surfactant proteins genes in premature newborn infants with severe respiratory distress syndrome • M. Somaschini, S. Presi, M. Ferrari P. Carrera • Milan (Italy)

ABS 25. Child abuse and neglect: an increasing childhood’s condition • S. Cherubini • Busto Arsizio (Italy)

ABS 26. When a newborn dies: European approaches to responsibility • F. Tregnaghi, R. Carter, J. Ferguson, K. Nijs • Verona (Italy), Devon (UK), and Leuven (Belgium)

ABS 27. NMR-based screening possibilities in the neonate and comparison to mass spectral methods • M. Spraul, C. Cannet, H. Schäfer • Rheinstetten (Germany)

ABS 28. Our team project: learning from mistakes • M. Susi, E.M. Padovani, A. Bertolini, M. Lavarini, S. Tardivo • Verona (Italy)

ABS 29. Peripheral intravenous catheters in neonates • M. Zicchi, A. Farbo • Sassari (Italy)

ABS 30. Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAP) as a family-centred supportive intervention • N. Bertoncelli • Modena (Italy)

ABS 31. From adult to pediatric radiology. Entropy-based imaging algorithms for applications in Pediatric Medicine • A. Casanova, C. Cabula, L. Barberini, L. Tusa, M. Puddu, V. Ruggiero • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 32. NCAM is expressed in the metanephric mesenchyme undergoing mesenchymal epithelial transition in the developing human kidney • E. Di Felice, D. Fanni, G. Senes, M. Fanos, R. Aprile, M. Piras, C. Gerosa • Cagliari and Ravenna (Italy)

ABS 33. Primary HCMV infection in pregnancy: preliminary metabolomic data on amniotic fluid • M. Zavattoni, F. Palmas, C. Fattuoni, M. Casu, A. Noto, A. Dessì, L. Barberini, D. Grapov, A. Casanova, V. Fanos • Cagliari and Pavia (Italy), and Ballwin (MO, USA)

ABS 34. NMR-based metabolomics analysis of urinary changes in neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis • A. De Magistris, S. Corbu, F. Cesare Marincola, M. Gueye, B. Pastor-Diez, A. Dessì, A. Noto, A. Reali, V. Fanos, M. Puddu, J.-C. Picaud • Cagliari (Italy) and Lyon (France)

ABS 35. Promoting the consumption of fish in children: a proposal from San Benedetto del Tronto • I. Farnetani • Milan (Italy)

ABS 36. New diagnostic algorithm for the diagnosis of the α-1-antitripsin deficit • M. Pautasso, A. Gigante, G. Orrù, G. Serreli, S. Farci, G. Pichiri, P. Coni, F. Coghe • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 37. What neonatologists can expect from laboratory medicine: the example of cystic fibrosis • V. Raia • Naples (Italy)

ABS 38. Listeriosis-related necrotizing enterocolitis: a case report in a preterm newborn • G. Locci, E. Obinu, V. Marinelli, F. Birocchi, F. Cioglia, A. Dessì, E. Coni, R. Ambu • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 39. Treating pain in neonates: history yet to be written • E. Bernabei • Aversa (Italy)

ABS 40. What is the functional background of filigree extracellular matrix and cell-cell connections at the interface of the renal stem/progenitor cell niche? • W.W. Minuth, L. Denk • Regensburg (Germany)

ABS 41. Severe neonatal anemia: the spectrum of causes in our unit • A.R. Denotti, V. Orecchia, M. Marica, P. Moi, S. Barella • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 42. Orthogonalization methods in metabolomics. Hypothesis and tests for validation • L. Barberini, D. Grapov, A. Noto, A. Dessì, C. Fattuoni, F. Palmas, A. Casanova • Cagliari (Italy) and Ballwin (MO, USA)

ABS 43. Training nurses and specialty doctors on central lines management in neonates improved skills in a third level neonatal unit • F. Manno, E. Ceriani, S. Dalla Valentina, F. Carolei, E. Bonafiglia, R. Beghini, M. Susi, E.M. Padovani • Verona (Italy)

ABS 44. Transfert of newborns with critical ductal-dependent congenital heart disease • A.R. Denotti, P. Neroni • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 45. Wnt1 expression in ontogenesis of human fetus • S. Nati, L. Vinci, G. Locci, E. Obinu, C. Gerosa, D. Fanni, A. Ravarino, A. Mengoni, A. Atzei, G. Secci, E. Trudu, G. Faa, R. Ambu • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 46. ‘Green flags’: one hundred Italian beaches for children. A selection by pediatricians • I. Farnetani • Milan (Italy)

ABS 47. Ultrastructural study of fresh human breast milk cells • M. Piras, P. Coni, G. Pichiri, M. Puddu, A. Reali, A. De Magistris, D. Lanzano, M. Isola • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 48. Emerging biomarkers for metabolic diseases • M.J. Bennett • Philadelphia (PA, USA)

ABS 49. Retinopathy of prematurity: incidence and risk factors • R. Vidmantė, J. Garčinskienė, D. Stonienė, R. Tamelienė, R. Dzikienė • Kaunas (Lithuania)

ABS 50. Transient hypertransaminasemia in a malnourished newborn • M. Sibilio, C. Coppola, R. Coppola, M. Capasso, A. Colella, G. Della Corte, C. Cioffi, R. Iorio, D. Perri • Aversa and Naples (Italy)

ABS 51. Hepatic lymphangiomatosis in a 2 year-old child • E. Obinu, D. Fanni, G. Locci, L. Vinci, C. Gerosa, M. Puddu, Y. Gibo, P. Van Eyken, R. Ambu • Cagliari (Italy), Matsumoto (Japan), and Leuven (Belgium)

ABS 52. Congenital remnants as a cause of airway obstruction in newborns • F. Carta, R.A. Caria, C. Gerosa, R. Puxeddu • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 53. Involvement of the family in the process of care in pediatric wards perception of nursing and medical staff • L. Cauli, B. Congiu • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 54. Investigating the metabolome for monitoring PKU patients under treatment using high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMRS) in urine • C. Cannet, F.K. Trefz, J.G. Okun, A. Bayat, H. Schäfer, M. Spraul, G.F. Hoffmann • Heidelberg and Rheinstetten (Germany), and Glostrup (Denmark)

ABS 55. Administration of surfactant in spontaneously breathing preterm infants: LISA in Verona • C.A. Forcellini, M. Castellani, M. Ventola, G. Giustozzi, F. Bissolo, R. Beghini, E.M. Padovani • Verona (Italy)

ABS 56. Posterior quadrant dysplasia (PQD) and epileptic encephalopathy with onset in the first month of life: presentation of a clinical case • F. Madeddu, S. Cossu, M. Lai, M. Scioni, A. Chabert, D. Pruna • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 57. HCMV infection in pregnancy: from classic data towards metabolomics • M. Zavattoni • Pavia (Italy)

ABS 58. Basic life support training for a Sardinian Scout group • L. Cauli, I. Piras, G. Piras, G. Ragatzu • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 59. Developmental trends in preterm children: an integrate model of follow-up in the 1st year of life • G. Papadia, M.R. Morales, G. Perricone, C. Polizzi, A. Faucetta, G. Sulliotti, E. Bellante, B. Giuffrè, F. D’Aleo, R. Mignano Marù • Palermo (Italy)

ABS 60. Targeted analysis in urine by high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMRS) and gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) in the selective screening program for inborn errors of metabolism • C. Cannet, L. Beedgen, F.K. Trefz, J.G. Okun, C.D. Langhans, H. Schäfer, M. Spraul, G.F. Hoffmann • Heidelberg and Rheinstetten (Germany)

ABS 61. Exploring the role of different fetal and neonatal nutrition during the first week of life by urinary GC-MS metabolomics • A. Schirru, A. Dessì, A. Murgia, R. Agostino, M.G. Pattumelli, P. Scano, V. Fanos, P. Caboni • Cagliari and Rome (Italy)

ABS 62. Informatics in hospital. Information Technology (IT) in the pharmacy safe management for pediatric application • A. Casanova, L. Tusa, M. Puddu, L. Barberini • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 63. Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum: a case report • E. Coni, C. Fanni, P. Neroni • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 64. Pre-labor rupture of membranes (PROM) and modern metabolomics • A. Meloni, L. Barberini, R. Mereu, F. Palmas, C. Fattuoni, A. Dessì, A. Noto, A. Casanova, V. Fanos, G.B. Melis • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 65. Checklist aiming to decrease clinical risk of nasal injuries in premature newborns on non-invasive ventilation • V. Fersini, M. Susi, E.M. Padovani • Verona (Italy)

ABS 66. Point-of-care ultrasound performed by pediatric provider in a community setting practice • A. Salim, M. Balestra, D. Nappa • Bergamo and Naples (Italy)

ABS 67. Stem cell niches in the developing human uterus • F. Cau, F. Ronchi, L. Vinci, F. Lai, C. Botta • Cagliari and San Gavino (Italy)

ABS 68. Maternal perceptions about breastfeeding: evaluation of 40 mothers with LATCH score • B. Baldussu, M. Zonza, M. Crisafulli, C. Ennas, A. Dessì • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 69. Abnormalities in the kidney of fetuses with Down syndrome • M. Desogus, A. Crobe, M. Fraschini, A. Dessì, G. Ottonello, B. Pinna, C. Gerosa, D. Fanni • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 70. Primary fetal pleural effusion in association with diffuse capillary malformation: a case report • V. Rosella, I. Kazmierska, N. Chianchiano • Palermo (Italy)

ABS 71. Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia: a ten-year experience in the NICU of Cagliari • A.R. Denotti, F. Casu, P. Neroni, D. Manus, A. Atzei, E. Trudu, S. Floris, G. Ottonello • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 72. Pai or not Pai • C. Fanni, M. Melis, R. Carta, MA Marcialis, E. Coni, C. Loddo, G. Carboni, G. Ottonello • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 73. Impact and management of the nursing dysfunctional turnover in NICU • M. Zicchi, M.G. Santarsiero • Sassari (Italy)

ABS 74. Stem/progenitor cells in the human developing ovary • F. Frongia, E. Pisu, G. Locci, Y. Gibo, P. Van Eyken • Cagliari and San Gavino Monreale (Italy), Matsumoto (Japan), and Leuven (Belgium)

ABS 75. Non-invasive urodynamics in children with bladder and bowel disfunction • E. Della Gassa, G. Masnata, V. Manca, L. Chia, F. Esu • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 76. WT1 marks induced mesenchimal progenitors inside fetal human lung stem cell niches • A. Mateddu, R. Murru, L. Vinci, E. Di Felice, M. Piras, G. Senes • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 77. Severe SAS in a case of proopiomelanocortin (POMC) deficiency • P. Congiu, M. Figorilli, G. Gioi, A. Meloni, M. Puligheddu, L. Boccone • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 78. Mesenchimal stem cell in fresh human breast milk cells • P. Coni, D. Lanzano, S. Farci, M Piras, M. Isola, A Dessi, A Reali, M Puddu, G. Naccarato, G Pichiri • Cagliari and Pisa (Italy)

ABS 79. Neural tube defects: not just cutaneous anomalies • R. Carta, C. Fanni, M. Melis, M. Carboni, G. Carboni, C. Porcu, G. Ottonello • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 80. Prevalence of congenital heart defects and persistent pulmonary hypertension of the neonate with Down syndrome • P. Neroni, M. Carboni, G. Carboni • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 81. SOX2 expression in the human lung during development • R. Murru, G. Senes, F. Cau, E. Di Felice, L. Vinci, A. Mateddu, C. Gerosa • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 82. CD34 immunostaining reveals a high numer of vascular progenitors in the stem cell niches of the developing human lung • A. Locci, M. Fanos, G. Senes, M. Angiolucci, A. Dessi, C. Gerosa, D. Fanni • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 83. TTF1 expression in the developing human lung • G. Senes, R. Murru, E. De Felice, L. Vinci, F. Cau, D. Fanni • Cagliari and San Gavino (Italy)

ABS 84. Biomarkers of aggression: metabolomics • A. Noto, V. Fanos • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 85. SOX 2-immunostaining allows the identification and location of neural stem progenitors in the developing human hippocampus • M. Piras, G. Naccarato, V. Pibiri, A. Ravarino, M.A. Marcialis, L. Vinci, D. Fanni, P. Van Eyken, C. Gerosa • Cagliari and Pisa (Italy), Leuven (Belgium)

ABS 86. Stem progenitor cells in the liver • F. Lai, C. Gerosa, M.R. Aprile, Y. Gibo, P. Van Eyken, D. Fanni • Cagliari and Ravenna (Italy), Matzumoto (Japan), Genk (Belgium)

ABS 87. Sacrococcygeal teratoma and the secrets of stem/progenitor cells • C. Gerosa, S. Nati, G. Locci, E. Obinu, M.R. Aprile, D. Fanni • Cagliari and Ravenna (Italy)

ABS 88. Nutrimetabolomics in IUGR and LGA newborns • V. Fanos, A. Dessì • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 89. Fetal programming and renal damage: new perspectives? • E. Gintoli, P. Cirillo, L. Gesualdo • Bari (Italy)

ABS 90. The paediatric parent’s association and “the care”: the three-year program of “Associazione Amici Bambini Cardiopatici Sardi” 2015-2017 • L. Scarpa, P. Neroni, G. Ottonello, S. Floris, M. Zonza • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 91. Clinical risk in neonatology: how to prevent it in daily practice? • F. Mosca, G. Cavallaro • Milan (Italy)

ABS 92. Drug-induced metabolic profile changes in preterm infants • F. Bazzini, M. Longini, M.L. Tataranno, S. Perrone, I. Sirgiovanni, S. Negro, M. Calderisi, A. Vivi, M. Tassini, M. Fumagalli, M.J.N.L. Benders, G. Buonocore • Milan, Pisa and Siena (Italy), Utrecht (the Netherlands), London (UK)

ABS 93. Usefulness of molecular genetics in the differential diagnosis of melanocytic spitzoid lesion in children • L. Pilloni, G. Fumo, F. Patta, B. Piras, L. Atzori, E.V. De Bonis, V. Piras, A.L. Pinna, C. Ferreli • Cagliari and Florence (Italy)

ABS 94. Job profiles in the nursery • R. Galaverna • Cuneo (Italy)

ABS 95. PAX2 and phenotypic expression • C. Grassia, L. Abbate, A. Ansalone, G. Ausanio, I. Bernardo, D. Brescia, A. Capasso, F. Crispino, D. D’Angelo, R. Mastroianni, M. Panico, V. Rossi, M. Vendemmia, A. Romano • Caserta (Italy)

ABS 96. Infection with Helicobacter pylori in children • M. Burlea • Iaşi, Romania

ABS 97. Systemic infection by Candida spp. resistant to echinocandins • G. Ausanio, M. Vendemmia, L. Abbate, A. Ansalone, I. Bernardo, D. Brescia, A. Capasso, F. Crispino, D. D’Angelo, C. Grassia, R. Mastroianni, M. Panico, V. Rossi, A. Romano • Caserta (Italy)

ABS 98. Predictive biomarkers of pre-eclampsia • S. Galbiati, A. Inversetti, M. Candiani, M. Smid, M. Ferrari • Milan (Italy)

ABS 99. The new FIGO guidelines for diagnosis and management of gestational diabetes • M. Hod • Tel-Aviv (Israel)

ABS 100. Brain mysteries from the womb to the adult: is aggression congenital? • M. Manchia, V. Fanos • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 101. Supporting breastfeeding in hospital. Nurse Led experience and nursing strategies • M.C.C. Ennas, D. Arba, S. Mulas, M.T. Sarigu, A. Dessì • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 102. Data on maternal obesity concerning outcomes of asphyctic term newborns undergoing hypothermia therapy • F. Dell’Omo, M. Dell’Omo, M. Licata, C. Ossella, E. Cerone, R. De Blasiis, S. Luzi, S. Pilozzi, G. Masciarelli, F. Nonni, V. Mattei, S. Tripodi • Rome (Italy)

ABS 103. Neonatal pain management • G. Buonocore • Siena (Italy)

ABS 104. Strategies and challenges for next generation metabolomic analyses • D. Grapov • Ballwin (MO, USA)

ABS 105. New perspectives for the study of systemic scleroderma • A. Noto, C. Amador, F. Palmas, L. Barberini, C. Fattuoni, A. Dessì, V. Fanos, G. Donzelli • Cagliari and Florence (Italy)

ABS 106. Sleep respiratory events and clinical parameters and in a group of obese children • M. Zaffanello, G. Piacentini, C. Fava, C. Maffeis, E. Gasperi, L. Lubrano, R. Micciolo, S. Bonafini, A. Tagetti, F. Antoniazzi • Trent and Verona (Italy)

ABS 107. Echocardiographic assessment of ductal size compared to body surface area for management of patent ductus arteriosus in preterm neonates • G. Errico, G. D’Amato, C. Franco, A. Del Vecchio • Bari (Italy)

ABS 108. Metabolic profile in adolescents and young adults born at different gestational age • F. Proietti, M. Calderisi, S. Perrone, M. Longini, S. Negro, A. Vivi, M. Tassini, G. Buonocore • Pisa and Siena (Italy)

ABS 109. Differences and similarities among stem cell niches in multiple organs of the human fetus • G. Mura, D. Fanni, M. Angiolucci, A. Sanna, V. Pibiri, P. Van Eiken, C. Gerosa • Cagliari (Italy) and Leuven (Belgium)

ABS 110. Post-natal catch-up growth in sardinian infants with intrauterine growth retardation • M.G. Clemente, P.M. Galasso, G. Capobianco, M.G. Sanna, L. Argiolas, M.G. Olzai, R. Antonucci • Sassari (Italy)

ABS 111. Metabolomic study of amniotic fluid in gestational diabetes • F. Palmas, L. Barberini, A. Noto, C. Fattuoni, V. Fanos, A. Dessì, M. Albanesi, M. Zaffanello • Cagliari and Verona (Italy)

ABS 112. Immunology: from theory to clinical practice. Immune-modulated responses from neonatology to adolescence • D. Trabattoni • Milan (Italy)

ABS 113. News on pediatric urology • G. Masnata, V. Manca, L. Chia, F. Esu • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 114. Pediatric tuberculosis in North Sardinia, 2009-2014 • M.G. Clemente, E. Dore, L. Abis, P. Olmeo R. Antonucci • Sassari (Italy)

ABS 115. SOX2, a marker for neural stem cells in the developing human cerebellum at different gestational ages • V. Pibiri, A. Ravarino, G. Naccarato, G. Mura, M.A. Marcialis, M. Piras, L. Vinci, R. Ambu • Cagliari and Pisa (Italy)

ABS 116. NEC and transfusions • C. Franco, A. Del Vecchio • Bari (Italy)

ABS 117. Snoring in obese children and its clinical significance in ambulatory setting • M. Zaffanello, G. Piacentini, C. Maffeis, E. Gasperi, L. Lubrano, C. Fava, S. Bonafini, A. Tagetti, F. Antoniazzi • Verona (Italy)

ABS 118. Biomarkers for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) • L.J.I. Zimmermann • Maastricht (the Netherlands)

ABS 119. Incidence of Fusobacterium nucleatum in tongue biofilm of mothers and newborns. A new way for the olfactory perception? • G. Orrù, G. Palmas, G. Denotti, S. Fais, S. Angius, G. Pichiri, P. Coni, F. Coghe, A. Noto, A. Dessì, V. Fanos • Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 120. Procalcitonin in neonatology • P. Fiorini, M. Moroni • Florence (Italy)