Severe renal damage in a 21-month-old child: question


polyarteritis nodosa

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Sanna, A., Gerosa, C., Ambu, R., Puddu, M., Nurchi, A. M., & Faa, G. (2014). Severe renal damage in a 21-month-old child: question. Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM), 3(2), e030201.


A male child aged 21 months was admitted fifteen days after abdominal pain and vomits. At clinical examination, he had a pale skin, erythematous eruptions on the arms and abdomen, edema of the eyelids and feet, whitish patches on the oral mucosa of the cheek, hypertrophic tonsils and latero cervical lymphadenopathy. Laboratory tests were within the normal range. The patient was not febrile. A few days later, the child’s general condition worsened and fever appeared. Seven days after admission, the child showed a skin rash on the face. He received several drugs, including aspirin and antibiotics. The patient general condition continued to worsen (body weight decreased, blood pressure and fever increased) until death.

1. Which is your macroscopic diagnosis?

2. Which is your histological diagnosis?