Selected Abstracts of the 8th International Workshop on Neonatology; Cagliari (Italy); October 24-27, 2012
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8th International Workshop on Neonatology

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Various Authors, .-.-.-. (2012). Selected Abstracts of the 8th International Workshop on Neonatology; Cagliari (Italy); October 24-27, 2012. Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM), 1(1), 111-159.


Selected Abstracts of the 8th International Workshop on Neonatology SYSTEMS MEDICINE IN PERINATOLOGY AND PEDIATRICS TAILORED BIOMARKERS, DRUGS AND TREATMENTS Cagliari (Italy) • October 24th-27th 2012

The Workshop has been organized on behalf of Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies, Union of Mediterranean Neonatal Societies, Italian Society of Neonatology, UNICEF, and under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.


ABS 1. Urinary metabolomics as a new strategy to discriminate response to ibuprofen therapy in preterm neonates with patent ductus arteriosus M. Castell Miñana et al.; Valencia (Spain)

ABS 2. A metabolomic approach to identify preterm neonates born of mothers with chorioamnionitis: preliminary data L. Pugni et al.; Milan, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 3. Urinary metabolomics in twins at birth L. Paladini et al.; Lecce, Rome, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 4. From prenatal diagnosis to neonatology: risk and protective factors in the development of mother-preterm child relationship • E. Boni et al.; Pavia (Italy)

ABS 5. Prolonged refrigerated storage of human milk: effects on nutritive and non-nutritive characteristics • P. Di Nicola et al.; Turin (Italy)

ABS 6. Use of donor human milk in nicu: is donor milk competing with breastfeeding or supporting it? P. Di Nicola et al.; Turin (Italy)

ABS 7. Prenatal diagnosis of methymalonic aciduria and homocistinuria Cbl-C type using dna analysis • A. Zappu et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 8. Human breast milk vs formula milk. Is 1H-nmr metabolomics able to help to find the right formula? • A. Noto et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 9. A 1H-NMR study of Crisponi syndrome: can metabolomics help to describe the disorder? • M. Lussu et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 10. Nestin immunoreactivity in the developing human kidney • Y. Gibo et al.; Matsumoto (Japan), Rome, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 11. A non-invasive approach to characterize epileptic children born elbw compared to non epileptic: a metabolomics point of view • C. Serci et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 12. Early cessation and derangement of nephrogenesis in the preterm human kidney following ibuprofen treatment • C. Gerosa et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 13. Thymosin beta-4 translocation from the trans-Golgi network to the nucleus in kidney proximal tubule cell line LLC-PK1 under starvation • P. Coni et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 14. hCTR1 expression in the developing kidney: how copper is involved in human nephrogenesis • E. Di Felice et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 15. Ultrastructural analysis of the early stages that characterize cap mesenchymal induction and ureteric bud growing in the developing NOD mouse kidney • M. Piludu et al.; Athens (Greece), Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 16. The syndrome of the Emilatus • S. Vendemmia et al.; Aversa, Caserta (Italy)

ABS 17. Birth in Italy: 2011 trends and 2012 forecasts • I. Farnetani et al.; Milan, Rome (Italy)

ABS 18. Neonatal transport in Italian regions • I. Farnetani et al.; Milan, Rome (Italy)

ABS 19. Grandparents in eight provinces in Sardinia • I. Farnetani et al.; Milan, Rome (Italy)

ABS 20. Ibuprofen versus indomethacin for patent ductus arteriosus: practice attitude variations among Europe and United States • M.A. Marcialis et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 21. Fast recovery following severe acetaminophen-induced liver disease in a newborn: a case report • A.P. Pinna et al.; Rome, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 22. Immunoreactivity for S100B: a new marker of hypoxia-related cardiac damage in newborn piglets • A. Faa et al.; Athens (Greece), Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 23. Coping and parental role competence of mothers of the preterm infant • G. Perricone et al.; Palermo (Italy)

ABS 24. Rehabilitative training of preterm children’s attention: a study on sustainability • G. Perricone et al.; Palermo (Italy)

ABS 25. Interindividual variability in oocyte burden at birth • S. Soddu et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 26. Undifferentiated neuroblastoma with distant metastases at birth: a case report • P. Bianco et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 27. Chloramphenicol (ChlA) toxicity in the newborn infant: historical perspectives • L. Cataldi et al.; Rome, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 28. Bronchiolitis in newborns • M. Furno et al.; Bologna, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 29. Postpartum depression in a high-risk woman after stillbirth • T. Fanos; Mantua (Italy)

ABS 30. Neonatal brain hypothermia: the Cagliari experience • G. Secci et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 31. Dino Gaburro: a master of Pediatrics L. Cataldi; Rome (Italy)

ABS 32. The sterile vesicoureteral reflux as a cause of congenital renal hypodysplasia • G. Ottonello et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 33. Intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis in gbs-positive mothers: effects on newborn microbiota • L. Corvaglia et al.; Bologna (Italy)

ABS 34. Mother’s emotional experience after giving birth to a preterm infant • P. Paladini et al.; Lecce, Rome (Italy)

ABS 35. Effects of bolus feeding vs. continuous feeding on splanchnic tissue oxygenation, cerebral tissue oxygenation and apnoeic episodes in preterm infants • L. Corvaglia et al.; Bologna (Italy)

ABS 36. Natal and neonatal teeth: some new experiences • F. Tromba et al.; Campobasso, Rome (Italy)

ABS 37. Integration between medical and nursing charts as a tool for quality improvement and risk management in NICU • A. Portanova et al.; Rome (Italy)

ABS 38. CD44 Immunoreactivity in diabetic nephropathy and the developing human kidney: a marker of renal progenitor stem cells • G. Locci et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 39. PAS and Weigert methods: two old stains for a new interpretation of the newborn kidney • A.R. Cannas et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 40. Scanning Electron Microscopy of the developing human kidney • T. Congiu et al.; Athens (Greece), Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 41. Interindividual variability in maturation of the human thyroid gland during gestation • E. Tamponi et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 42. The child with wool steel hair • F. Sau et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 43. Acute renal changes in asphyxiated rats following therapeutic hypothermia • E. Puxeddu et al.; New York (USA), Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 44. Chlamydia trachomatis causing neonatal conjunctivitis: what kind of prevention? • M.G. Capretti et al.; Bologna (Italy)

ABS 45. Transient tachypnea of the newborn: what is new? • C. Nassar; Al Baha (Saudi Arabia)

ABS 46. A 45-day-old male infant with distal tubular acidosis associated with hyperammonemia and hyperlactacidemia • A.P. Pinna et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 47. Metabolomic analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in preterm infants • A. Fabiano et al.; Maastricht (The Netherlands), Rome, Alessandria, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 48. Toxoplasma gondii dna detection in Guthrie cards: a retrospective study • M.G. Capretti et al.; Bologna, Imola (Italy)

ABS 49. Hypotonia associated with respiratory distress: a case report • R. Puxeddu et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 50. Metabolomic analysis of newborn’s urine with cytomegalovirus congenital infection. From the descriptive to the predictive ability: preliminary results • E. Locci et al.; Bologna, Imola, Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 51. Congenital dacryocystocele: case report • G. Pinna et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 52. A rare cause of airway obstruction in childhood: the pharyngeal teratoma. Our experience • S. Sionis et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 53. Outcome in children with vesico-ureteral reflux: from antenatal life to bladder training • G. Masnata et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 54. Blood and molecular study of Sardinian newborns • A. Dessì et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 55. Correlations between atypical swallowing transverse contraction of the maxilla and obstructive respiratory disease. Multidisciplinary approach • G. Denotti et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 56. Presepsin values in healthy mature and near-term neonates using a new immunoassay: a preliminary study • A. Casani et al.; Benevento (Italy)

ABS 57. Terlipressin in the extremely low birth weight infant with refractory septic shock: a case report • F. Bissolo et al.; Verona (Italy)

ABS 58. Paroxysmal supraventricular recip-rocating tachycardia (PSVRT) in the newborn: three years experience in a Neonatal Care Unit • A. Atzei et al.; Cagliari (Italy)

ABS 59. Counselling in NICU: what can we do? • A. Coscia et al.; Turin (Italy)

ABS 60. Counselling in NICU: the “Not Alone” project • A. Coscia et al.; Turin (Italy)

ABS 61. Neonatal malpractice claims related to hyperbilirubinemia in Italy F. Raimondi et al.; Naples, Cagliari, Monza, Bergamo, Pistoia, Turin (Italy)

ABS 62. Detection of bovine alpha-S1-casein and minor components in human milk by proteomics techniques • A. Coscia et al.; Turin (Italy)

ABS 63. Is soluble CD14 subtype (sCD14-ST) presepsin an early biomarker of neonatal sepsis? Yes It is • E. Puxeddu et al.; Genoa, Cagliari (Italy)