Congenital melanocytic nevi management: answer
JPNIM Vol. 5 N. 1 - Cover


melanocytic nevi
congenital nevi

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Guida, S., Urtis, G. G., Rubino, G., Pellacani, G., & Farnetani, F. (2016). Congenital melanocytic nevi management: answer. Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM), 5(1), e050128.


Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) are melanocytic lesions presenting at birth or appearing during the first weeks of life. CMN are usually grouped, according to size, in three categories: 1) small congenital nevi (SCN), measuring less than 1.5 cm in greatest diameter; 2) intermediate congenital nevi (ICN) that are 1.5-19.9 cm in greatest diameter; 3) large or giant nevi, larger than 20 cm in greatest diameter. Although the risk of a nevus evolving into a melanoma is low, all congenital nevi, particularly giant nevi, can be considered potential melanoma precursors. Furthermore, other criteria should be considered for an appropriate management of these lesions.